There are many ways in which your smile can be enhanced.

Veneers:  Thin pieces of porcelain that can be bonded to teeth to change shape, correct chips or alignment, or color.  Minimal to no tooth reduction is required.

All Porcelain Crowns:  These crowns are fully “pressed porcelain” containing no metal substructure. They are extremely esthetic.

Captek Crowns: Captek™ provides an esthetic strong, durable crown even in smaller, thinner teeth. With its one of a kind structure and composition, the Captek™ crown can be thinner than conventional metals allowing greater creativity to the technician. Captek™ crowns can be conservative with minimal thickness crowns. Captek™ has a predictable esthetic result.

Captek™ crowns will not create a dark gingival line around them. The dark shadow seen when using conventional metal copings is a result of oxide formation. Captek™ does not produce any oxides, therefore will not create dark shadowing around it. The Captek™ metal has a goldish color to it, giving a warmer, more pleasant edge to the crown, then conventional metals which are grey in color.

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